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Reverse sales: let's make it a thing

A topic by Minitrope created Apr 02, 2016 Views: 245 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone,

As you probably know, has recently implemented the reverse sale feature. It allows you to raise the price of a game momentarily. Anna Anthropy was the first that I know of to bring the topic on this forum. I find the idea interesting and would like to propose something: let's make it a regular thing.

I would like to see a week during the year, to become a yearly event when indie devs hold a reverse sale. I would be interested to see the people's reaction. I think it would be both a good marketing event and an opportunity (for those who can afford it) to show their support to indie game developers.

I personally think starting such week on the international worker's day (1st of May in many countries) would be perfect and would make a point.

I'm curious about what you folks think about this idea :)

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I personally think we should see how reverse sales affect sales first before we do something like this.

Leaf himself said in another thread (link to post) that he might write up an analysis once the feature has been out for a while and see the effect it's had. I would personally suggest everyone waits til then.

I personally see this feature as being... interesting to say the least and a creative way of getting people to talk about your games but if it gets used too often it could potentially have a negative impact.

But hey don't let me spoil your fun, if you wanna do it then go right ahead. 🙂