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Dear Teacher - A visual novel about being a English teacher in Seoul - Early Developement

A topic by DustyManson created Feb 17, 2018 Views: 113
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I have been wanting to make my own visual novel since forever. I just haven't coded anything in over 15 years; back when I was in college taking C++ classes. I have remember that tabbing matters a ton (took me a few hours to fix a bug that was coded correctly just the tabbing was off...)
I have zero artistic skills so I'm using all free graphics and once I'm done with the scenes I will add music. My end goal is to have my own graphics, music, and voice actors. But that will be a long way off.

Today I was testing name spacing and capitalization. I was shocked when this came up because I thought that I made my game way more lewd than I thought I did. I forgot that I typed in wet as fuck (because its raining a ton here).

Oh and I'm using Renpy to make my game.