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American Angst (Text-based Multiple-choice Survival Horror) for MacOS and Win created with Twine (Free)

A topic by m3g1dd0 created Feb 14, 2018 Views: 83
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Out now for free for MacOS and Win +++ Created with Twine +++

Download for MacOS or Windows:

You wake up in pitch black darkness. You know not where you are. You know not who you are. And they’re trying to kill you... 

Imagine a horror novel where you get to make the choices and decide how the story plays out: Welcome to American Angst, a text-based multiple-choice survival horror interactive fiction, combining RPG elements and turn-based combat with dark humor and satire. 

A choice-based game slash novel, you try to escape from an underground prison complex – all the while suffering from amnesia, fighting off guards seeking your death, and slowly unravelling the mystery that brought you to this place, as you traverse the thin line between survival and revenge…

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