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Distortion Clash: 1v1 Turn-Based Fighting Game (Demo, Looking for Feedback)

A topic by Riverwalker Studios created Feb 14, 2018 Views: 116
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Hello all,

Lately I've been working on a game that tries to play like a board game version of a 1v1 fighter. It started out as a board game, and depending on if people like it I'll probably try to make a computer version and a board game version as well. However, I need to get some feedback on how the game plays in order to determine if any major overhauls need to occur before I start working on things like finding art and adding more complicated stuff (I don't have much for art, so this is purely a gameplay thing).

I have a YouTube video that goes over some of the basics as well as the instructions on the game page (although both are a little long-winded). If anyone is interested in trying it out, I'd love to get any feedback as long as it is something that helps the game going forward. 

Game page:

YouTube video: