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STOMT: Feedback management with community building combined. Version 2!

A topic by STOMT created Feb 13, 2018 Views: 73
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Hey guys,
i posted a while ago and we got a lot of feedback since then. You can find the new version available on the Asset-Store (while we got most input from people using our github repository, where you can also find the documentation). Remember: it's free for you.

Changes since version 1:

  • Nearly complete refactoring: Heavy Code Quality Improvements (Performance, Stability, Error-Handling, Bugs fixed)
  • Now scales for any device size and screen resolution
  • Offline Support
  • Added Mini-Statistics
  • Login to from within the widget
  • Improved game-to-community page tracking
  • Append Custom JSON data to the feedback
  • Append Labels to the feedback
  • Multilanguage Support: German & English (more to come)

Add the same time we heavily worked on the web platform and added an advanced filtering system for the feedback and your users, which can also be labeled as you need them. That helps you prioritizing feedback correctly.

IF you feel that you need all the premium features.. contact us on @stomt or wish for it - let's see what we can do :)

Phil from Stomt

Feel free to follow our Itch.IO Page