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LabyrinthQuest - Puzzle/RPG Hybrid

A topic by Duoplus Software created Feb 13, 2018 Views: 194 Replies: 2
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I have been developing a game called LabyrinthQuest for a couple months now. The point of the game is to complete the levels, using puzzle skills, but there is also some combat as well. There are different obstacles and each obstacle has a "key" to get through them; a door has a key of it's corresponding color, and to put out a fire, you need a bucket of water, etc. I have a story planned as well, to explain the creation of the maze and the motivation behind solving it. There are 4 different areas: the stone area, fire area, aqua area, and chaos area. Each area has a different effect: Stone - none; Fire - you lose health over time due to the heat; Aqua - you are underwater and have a limited amount of oxygen, and must get to an air pocket to breathe again (as for the chaos areas, I'm working on the effect there - open to suggestions). The game has a planned 55 levels with a little over half being currently complete. Each area ends with a boss, each boss being unique. Each area brings with it unique items, obstacles, and enemies. I will be explaining more about the game in these upcoming weeks. The game is planned to be free and there is no release date yet, but I'm thinking that it will be released mid to late 2018.

I've got some images from the first boss battle for everyone!

This first boss is a giant skeleton, with a couple of abilities: it can lightly smack you, slam its hand down (dealing more damage than a smack), summon guards (skeletons), and it can put its hand up to shield it from your arrows.

Here are some more screenshots from the game...