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Ice Mage Runner 2D platform style arcade game remix of the old Broaderbun Load Runner game.

A topic by CRE.SID.IO created Feb 11, 2018 Views: 95
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For 200 years you have apprenticed under Belnar the Ice Mage, whose  powers are legendary.  At 700 years your masters powers are fading.  Soon you MUST become the master.   Belnar has skillfully created 50 new levels which you must defeat to become the master.   To conquer each level you must collect all of the coins within the time allotted by the wizard.   Run, jump and destroy your enemies.

     But physical skills and magic will not be enough.   Study each level as you plan the best way to collect all of the coins and allude your enemies.   Potions will appear randomly to ease your quest.

ITS YOUR TIME! Fulfill your destiny and become  THE ICE MAGE!!! 

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