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Male doms?

A topic by letspizza created Feb 14, 2022 Views: 298 Replies: 5
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Everything about this game seems like it’s right up my alley, with the one exception being that all of the doms seem to be women. I know that gay guys and straight girls are probably more of a niche audience for a game like this, but are there any plans to add more diverse characters in the future?


Thank you so much for trying the game and asking! We never intended to have any 'male' Doms, but we do always listen to fans and we are keeping track of what people are asking for.

 One thing we have done, based on fan feedback, is create one of the Mistresses (Furia) as a futa. We are also adding a 'male bull' to Lady Angelica, which means getting to play with a more Dominant male slave than the player. We are also exploring whether to include an androgynous Mistress.  

For now, this is the direction we are going in, but if people keep asking for a fully Male Dominant, we may move in that direction. Another option to go in is to release a Dominatrix Simulator 2, that has other types of creatures that can 'be in charge'. 

We just don't want to do want everyone else already does, so sticking with women keeps us in a unique space. I hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply! I’m actually finding myself enjoying the narrative and characters despite lacking a ton of attraction to the doms, and some of the early scenes were definitely exciting and titillating. Definitely excited to see what else the mistresses have in store for me :p


Just out of curiosity... do you normally prefer Male Doms?

Yep, I’m a gay dude.


Ahh. I can see how only having female Dommes wouldn't be as fun then. Thank you for letting us know! We will add the request to the list of things we've been asked for.