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Ingots disappeared from crates after reload (. 9 Alpha)

A topic by BLACKBERREST3 created Feb 09, 2018 Views: 247 Replies: 2
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I don't know if this has come up yet, so I am sharing this bug here. Also there is a bug where customers will stop in the road and prevent other customers from entering your shop. Is there a way to keep your ingots/ores/items from disappearing inside crates and boxes? Do I just have to leave them in a pile? I forgot to mention that there is another bug where if you buy parts from geofreys and don't open them right away, you won't be able to open them later. You are then left with a giant box you can't destroy (could be useful for catapults or a stepping stool).

Both have actually been mentioned - Also its only Ingots that are affected by the consuming Crates, and Only when they're closed.

You can keep them in crates during normal gameplay, when you save and reload, though, you need to ensure the crates are either Open, or not filled with Ingots

Keep in Mind that crates will automatically close if items are detected inside of them on load-in - So if you load in for a few moments, do something random and then get pulled away and are forced to save and exit, that you'll need to have made sure the crates are reopened, or you'll be out of the ingots still.

Any Delivery Box will work like that, not just Geoffs.

It's because they are empty.

If you "purchase" an Empty delivery box from Geoff - it won't open (Possible to do when you've recently bought something and items that you bought "persist" on the shelf - They're not actually there, and when you take what you bought out of the store, they'll properly be moved - if you try to buy the rest of them, They won't be attached to the new crate, the crate will be produced but nothing will exist in it, thus its unopenable, cause there's nothing to spawn in its wake.

When you save and reload - All other Delivery crates are affected by this, as well, They all become empty, They are all Temporary Data and Reloading purges that data, thus causing the crates to be emptied, and thus, unbreakable.

The crates themselves however, Aren't temporary because they're like most other objects that are physically present in game, they have a bounding box, location data, etc, They're valid permanent objects, while the temporary data inside of them are not valid to be permanent - because there's no location data nor are the items physically spawned yet - which is why you get such perfectly aligned items when you order/buy a box full of the exact same thing.

Thank you! That helped a lot.