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Boom Boom Pass - Devlog!

A topic by Low Eyed Studios created Feb 08, 2018 Views: 68
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Boom Boom Pass

A multiplayer 4 players game (4 players in each room), the players have to kill (by shooting) other players in order to gain points, at the end of the game the winning player will be the one with the highest points obviously.

In each game there will be one gun only, only one player can own it at a time.

The game is based on rounds, the round is done when : either 10 seconds have passed, or the gun is empty.

On each round the gun will be with one player, 2 bullets inside. If 10 seconds pass, or the 2 bullets are shot, the gun will be passed to the next player. (That’s why it's called “Boom Boom Pass”)