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What happened to the music?

A topic by weregoingkokobop created Feb 06, 2018 Views: 838 Replies: 5
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I really liked the piano instrumentals of BTS' songs as the background music. Is there a reason why it changed in phase 3?

It's way better now, even though the instrumental of BTS songs are cool, I think the soundtrack now adds way more feelings and originality to the game. It actually feels like a  complete new universe, and not just a fangame, it's amazing. I hope they don't change that because I loved the OST now.


I prefer the musicality of the piano instrumentals, and I think it was more evocative than the current soundtrack. Plus I felt it was a nice homage to the group. But I understand your point of view also.

Developer (1 edit)

It was changed because the music was only ever just a placeholder as the game is/was a demo. Speaking as the Music Supervisor, I can say I was never satisfied with those covers and only grabbed them as a solution/to pay homage. Ultimately, the decision was out of everyone's hands, because there are intellectual property/ copyright concerns with covers.

Even I was thinking the same, the old versin was so energetic.



I suppose it hardly matters now, the game can’t have anything to do with BTS now