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Great game idea; a little buggy

A topic by Kaypar created Feb 05, 2018 Views: 287 Replies: 1
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  • neat idea for a game; love that you were inspired by the Lego Island games (I'm also very nostalgic for those)
  • learning to make pizzas quickly and efficiently is pretty chill
  • driving up a hill on an island (generated using my birthdate) on my moped and gazing out over the houses, looking for my next deliveries with piping hot pizzas in my bag


  • pickup detection for the pizzas while in the oven is apparently still REALLY JANKY if you're not in fullscreen mode! this pretty much ruins the game if you play windowed
  • since it's a prototype, it's just begging for iteration; further money goals, maybe new pizza types every "stage" after meeting the last cost

I like this game a lot, and would love to see more added to it!


Thanks for the input, the oven bug is fixed now :)