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Following his departure as coach of the Detroit Pistons, Scotty Connal gave Vitale his first TV opportunity at the then fledgling ESPN cable network. His first reaction to the job of broadcaster was "Absolutely no way. I know nothing about TV. I want to get back to where I belong and my spirit belongs." He was reluctant to accept the position but his wife Lorraine told him to "go on TV and have some fun", so Vitale accepted on a temporary basis until another coaching job became available. He called ESPN's first college basketball game on December 5, 1979, when DePaul defeated Wisconsin 90–77. His first play-by-play partner was Joe Boyle.

best $3.60 I ever spent

lookin good!


Please take all the time you need!! ❤️❤️❤️

It's okay, we can wait. ❤️

dang, this sounds like a pretty ambitious project! looking forward to the next build! no rush, though; take your time :3

10/10, would touch butt again

oh no i love them.....

your incredibly specific romhack makes me smile and warms my pan heart ❤️ 

What do you folks think about making an official release on Tabletop Simulator?

I have a lot of friends online I might like to play this game with, and I think it'd be cool to see Consentacle as official DLC! I'm not sure what Berserk Games/Steam's policies would be on an "adult" themed card game, but I think the illustrations are tasteful enough that it just might fly.

I made a quick-and-dirty prototype in Tabletop Simulator's single player mode just to play with the tokens, which translated to the digital space surprisingly well with the custom token tool. The satisfaction tokens were a little unsatisfactory, since the user tool doesn't seem to support transparencies in the middle of the tokens, but if you worked with Berserk on an official release, I'm sure that'd be an easy fix.

The demo is definitely... janky... but I really like the concept you've got here! Looking forward to future updates.

this is incredibly cute


  • neat idea for a game; love that you were inspired by the Lego Island games (I'm also very nostalgic for those)
  • learning to make pizzas quickly and efficiently is pretty chill
  • driving up a hill on an island (generated using my birthdate) on my moped and gazing out over the houses, looking for my next deliveries with piping hot pizzas in my bag


  • pickup detection for the pizzas while in the oven is apparently still REALLY JANKY if you're not in fullscreen mode! this pretty much ruins the game if you play windowed
  • since it's a prototype, it's just begging for iteration; further money goals, maybe new pizza types every "stage" after meeting the last cost

I like this game a lot, and would love to see more added to it!