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Colors would be awesome!

A topic by bonitāka created Feb 04, 2018 Views: 1,410 Replies: 7
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This is a fantastic tool, but there is one thing that would make it even better. COLORS!

Either some preset colors or a color picker, maybe a slot to write the color (#64465b or something) would let me (and probably others as well) get a slight bit more creative with this!

What do you think?


That's a good one, I've done some forays in adding colours but I haven't found a UX that I enjoyed working with yet. Maybe once I have implemented layers this feature will make more sense :) Stay tuned!


Implemented something like colors, there is no UX for it yet(Still working on it).

But it now supports 3 colors, injected from themes. 

Awesome! How do you open themes?

I have no Idea.


thm files can be downloaded in the package on the Dotgrid Itch page.

They're just text, so you can edit them by opening them up with Left, or any text editor.

To install a theme, just drag it on the app window.

How can I reset the theme to the default UI?


Press menu>reset, or ctrl+delete.

Would it be possible to use webcolor names as shorcuts? 
Like this list: