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Analog Sticks Not Working

A topic by Joshua Skelton created Jan 31, 2022 Views: 1,113 Replies: 5
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I have an Xbox bluetooth controller and all the buttons work fine except that there is no analog stick input. Is this a bug? Or is this by design?


pretty certain its by design because the analog sticks work in menu for me but not in game, and a Messenger Sign says "Navigate: (D-Pad)"


i'm going to guess by design, since the PS1 didn't have analog sticks until the later introduction of the dual shock, and even then they weren't used much.

To work around this I'm using JoyToKey to map my analog sticks to WASD + arrow keys.

i could get this to work but not for the camera i wont know what the camera movements are on keyboard do you know what the bindings are ?

Left arrow and right arrow for the camera.