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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

The latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades. · By Killer Bee Software

A WW2 Mod to be released soon.

A topic by ww2_weasel created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 1,736 Replies: 13
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A Basic WW2 Mod version will be released within the month. It will be significantly different than the vanilla game.

The Basic mod will include new terrain and re-textured roads.  I will try to include a few missions to help round out the mod.

I will be creating a few more different world war 2 mods, that will introduce new units, missions, etc...  The idea is to incrementally add new units so people can choose which mod set they prefer.  I did not want to put out one massive mod; It can be intimidating to make unit choices during the production phase. 

Basic mission scenario's may be backwards compatible to Intermediate and Advanced Mods but not the other way around.

Below image: Thoba's world map with WW2 Terrain set.

Below image: Scenario, Patton kicks butt with ww2 Basic set and re-textured road tiles.


I have seen parts of this, it is pretty cool.

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Here is the link for download:

***New update

Updated the config files on 3\10\18 and also included 3 missing scenarios.

If you have the Basic mod already then these are the files that have been added modified:

A new Intermediate mod is well underway. As it is a bit larger, it requires a bit more play-testing.

> 12 AI scripts written already.  May have a few more before I am done - need to test.

> A new terrain set - Winter to be released.

> Missions and Maps - The time consuming portion of mod making.

> Adding definitions to the Intermediate set.

Here's what's new with the next ww2 offer.
Note there is a limitation to what Destroyers, Frigates and Patrol boats can carry for unit type.

This is the Enhanced set mostly from the WW2W WW2 Basic Edition. There are some changes, most notably:

1) New land units: Assault Infantry, Grenadier, Recon Infantry, Squad Assault Weapon, Small Armor Crew, Heavy Armor Crew, Jeep, Light Truck, Halftrack, Small Armor, Heavy Armor, Recovery Tank, 50mm anti-tank gun, 20mm anti-aircraft, 76.2mm Anti-aircraft, Anti-Air Jeep, Pack mule for ATG, Pack mule for 20mm Anti-aircraft & Coastal Gun Bunker.

2)New air units: Recon Aircraft, Light Fighter & Medium Bomber.

3)New sea units: Armor Landing craft, Liberty Ship, Ocean Liner, Anti-aircraft Frigate, Frigate, Anti-aircraft Destroyer, Anti-aircraft Light Cruiser & Battlecruiser.

4)Patrol Boats, Frigates & Anti-aircraft Frigates can carry One Marine or General.

5)Destroyers can carry two Marines or Generals.

6)Small Armor will morph into Small Armor crew after attacking a city.

7)Heavy Armor can morph into Heavy Armor crew after attacking a city.

8)Recovery Tank can transport most vehicles and static guns. They can also repair the transported unit if need be.

9)Assault Infantry are tank riders. They can be transported like infantry but have the ability to be transported by: Small Armor, Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor & the Recovery Tank.

10)Halftracks transport 1 unit. The units that can mount a halftrack are: General, Infantry, Assault Infantry, Bazooka, Engineer, Recon, Grenadier, Squad Assault Weapon and all 3 Armor crew types. The units transported by a Halftrack can defensive fire while mounted.

11)Light trucks and jeeps can carry 1 Infantry type unit. Both can carry 20mm AA and 50mm ATG.

12)New Anti-aircraft Ships: The Anti-aircraft Light Cruiser has a range of 5, the Anti-aircraft Destroyer has a range of 4, the Anti-aircraft Frigate has a range of 3. They all do 2 Damage each.

13)The Anti-aircraft Jeep has a range of 2 and does damage of 1. It does not transport units.

14)The 76.2mm Anti-aircraft Gun has a range of 5 and does damage of 2. It is transported by Truck, Recovery Tank, Armor transport, Transport, Liberty Ship.

15)The Armor Landing craft can transport up to 4 portage points. 1 for infantry types, 2 for Armor and vehicle types. The Heavy Armor is 3 portage points, as an example: only 1 Heavy Armor and 1 Infantry can be transported.

16)The Liberty Ship Has 12 portage points, carries General, Marine, Seabee, All 3 Armor crews, All vehicles and guns.

17)The Battlecruiser is 1 step below the Battleship. Example: BB costs 60 BC costs 54, BB has 24 hitpoints BC has 22 hitpoints, both have 3 damage to their hits, BB has an effective range of 8 the BC has an effective range of 7.

18)The Recon Infantry can see 1 space further then any other infantry type.

19)Grenadier Infantrymen can damage armored vehicles at a distance of 2. While not as strong as bazooka they cost less and are a better option to employ if no bazooka are available. When pairing Bazooka or Grenadier to halftrack, the halftrack gets a boost to it's anti-armor role.

20)The Squad Automatic Weapon has a range of 2 against infantry and soft vehicle and static guns. They also double as anti-aircraft while not super powerful they can make an enemy airforce more timid in approaching your positions. The "SAW" can also be paired up with a halftrack for mobile AA defense.

21)Pack Mules are the 20mm AA and 50mm ATG morph options for travel if the need to travel over non-clear terrain such as forest, hill, mountain, etc.

22)50mm ATG are used for defense of forts, frontline positions devoid of Anti-Armor capability such as Bazooka, Grenadier and Armor types. The 50mm ATG can only move itself on clear terrain. 50mm ATG can morph into a Pack Mule to assist in travel when no other transport is nearby.
They can also be transported by: Trucks, light trucks, jeeps, recovery tank, armor tramsport, Liberty ship, transport.

23)20mm AA are used to defend areas against enemy aircraft. The 20mm AA can only move itself on clear terrain. 20mm AA can morph into a Pack Mule to assist in travel when no other transport is nearby.
They can also be transported by: Trucks, light trucks, jeeps, recovery tank, armor tramsport, Liberty ship, transport.

24)Recon Aircraft are weak in attack, they can see 3 spaces out are cheap to produce and can transport: Recon Infantry & the General. The aircraft can move 4 spaces per turn, for a total of 16 but must return to City, Airbase, Aircraft Carrier.

25)The Light Fighter is weak on attack, it has 2 hitpoints and does 1 point of damage. A good choice to hunt down recon planes. It has the same movement as Recon planes.

26)The Medium Bomber is the middle ground between the Ground Attack and Bomber. It has 4 hitpoints and does 3 point of damage. It functions well against all unit types but is susceptible to AA fire and fighters.

27)The Coastal Gun bunker is a static unit much like a fort. It is constructed via Engineer and Seabee units. It has 18 hitpoints and does 3 points of damage. It has an effective range of 8. The Coastal Gun bunker's weak spot is that it requires recon from other units to see out the max distance to it's effective firing range. As the Coastal Gun cannot move it is also susceptible to Engineer, Bazooka, Artillery & Armor attacks. The Coastal gun's main purpose is to deter light ship and transports from a free attack on a city. So a denial of Sea lane to the enemy is it's main mission.
Another caveat, the Coastal Gun cannot get repaired. The only unit the Coastal gun can host is the General unit.

WW2W_Intermediate_Mod is now available for download.

I didn't find the free time to do all I wanted. So rather than hold onto what I have already done, I just decided to release as is.

No Winter terrain, and less missions than I would have liked to provided.

Here is the download link:

WW2 Intermediate Mod Unit data base is completed.

Didn't get to spend as much time on this project as I would have liked as real life got in the way at times.  Take it as an: it is what it is Mod.  

I will be moving onto an Advanced Mod. A lot of preparation required before release, so no time frame for release.

If you like the WW2 Intermediate Mod then try the Advanced Mod.  

Eventually 2 more Advanced Mods and an all inclusive grognard Mod is planned. But nothing is promised.


Below is the copy of the readme file:


Uploaded 04-08-2018

What's in the zip file:

4 main folders:

1.   7731WW2W_Intermediate_WW2_Set_assets
2.   configs
3.   maps
4.   scns

2 files:

1.  7731WW2W_Intermediate_WW2_Enhanced_Set
2.   WW2W_Intermediate_WW2 readme.txt

Read the below for an understanding where everything needs to be placed.


Once the 7zip file is extracted, please be sure to back up the WW2 Intermediate Mod folder.

Please be sure to have an existing backup of your EDCE files before you begin any Mod implementation.

"By the way as of 04-08-18 The current build mod of EDCE is build 12.  Please do make sure you're up to date."


I can only use Windows as an example on where to place/implement the mod folders.
I don't have the other operating systems on hand to check out where you would put the mod folder.

If you have created your own load point, it's up to you to figure out where the \udb loadpoint, etc... is.



Notes from the Developer:


The "technical" term is <Game Data Directory>, followed by the sub directory, so like <Game Data Directory>/udb.
The Game Data Directory can be located in the Administration Screen ->
Directories button (it does vary from platform to platform).


udb = unit data base

Place the udb Mod folder and udb file here:

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\udb


C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\udb



For the config files.

These configs were made for you, to help setup the map and scenario settings when you want to play a WW2.  Ultimately you will decide on the settings you like best. My configs are meant as a quick starting point.

Intermediate mission that I have created.

The config loadpoint goes into the admin folder. Copy out folder and paste into the Admin config folder.

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\admin\config\

Then in game select new game and load config.
The following: <WW2W_Intermediate_WW2 folder>, should have the following configs:


Select the appropriate config for the scenario you would like to play.

For Map and Scenarios:

Might just want to copy out files and paste into the map and scn folders, respectively.

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\scns

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\maps

Q.  Where are your AI scripts located?

A.  In the Mod folders "7731WW2W_Intermediate_WW2_Enhanced_Set_assets" to find the AIScripts, look to the "unknown" folder for them.
If you would like to exam them in order to figure out how to edit or perhaps help you create your own scripts for your own mod.

12 different WW2 Intermediate AI scripts to choose from.  


In the unitnames folder are 3 files, adding further names for units, Destroyer, Cruiser and General.
This will help aid in keeping unit names uniques and less prone to redundancy.


Should you happen to make your own maps and mission please upload to the steam community forum on the
EDCE steam page.

-or if you like send me a notification and email or upload link to:-

I will then compile all new missions and maps and make them available on steam.


Keep in mind when playing scenario's you may need to tweak them in order to find a desired result, drain, no drain, etc...


WW2 Intermediate Mod created by WW2Weasel.


All unit icons copyright by WW2Weasel

A youtube video for the WW2 Intermediate Mod can be found here:

If you want realistic WW2 general names in game this AI dll will change the default names while in game.

WW2WEnhancedAI.dll file is in your AIDLL download folder after unzipping.

Place the WW2WEnhancedAI.dll file here:

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\AIDLL

Hello, congrats for the mod! It really is awesome! I am thinking about something new to be done to Empire Deluxe: I'd like to know if you know someone or if it would be possible to make a kickstarter campaign to get funds in order to create Advance Wars like unit images (at first) and (why not?) even tiles sets based on that game... what do you think about it? 

I have thought about your request. Real life gets in the way of committing any free time into any new endeavors. So I will have to turn down this request.

Honestly my next goal is to develop an AI for my ww2 mod. Developing an AI requires a huge investment of time and as many times as I start on the project I find myself being drawn away with real life commitments.

Should I find the time to get a working AI together then I will continue on with advanced ww2 mods.

But once again no promises.

Looking for feedback from the folks that downloaded this mod.

1. Has anyone played in multiplayer and how was the experience?

2. I have worked with the developer to squash bugs as they develop.  Have you encountered any bugs in build 17+?


On another note:

I find playing on a 200 x  200 map with no wrap or drain/resources a better overall single player exprience when:

Setting yourself against 12 other AI

5AI setup with a WW2 Intermediate script:  handicap set at P: +1 N: +1    Production Advantage 1 / Neutral Combat Advantage 1

7AI setup with Expanding AI handicap set at P: M N: S   Production Moderate / Neutral Combat Slight


I will upload an updated WW2 Intermediate mod by Springtime. 

I found some things needing improvement such as: combat result tweaking, artwork or sound.

(3 edits)

I was delayed in updating the mod. Well actually sidetracked on  other non edce projects.

I was actually looking into developing the AI for the ww2 mod, when I discovered my AI Scripts for the current game was incomplete.

While play testing the ww2 mod I noticed some units not interacting the way I had purposed them for in the game.  

This was noticed and put on the back burner but ultimately I had neglected to make the changes in a timely manner for initial release.

The AI Scripts should offer a bit more robust selection options for the AI using the current generic AI capabilities.

I will be developing a new supplemental option for the ww2 AI, it will take a bit, as I have to absorb the code used as example given to us by  the developer and develop a plan to how best to utilize the AI and what I can get away with interfacing within the game engine. And of course lots of playtesting to see if it will crash the game or not. 

The updates do not require to replace all files -

1)  just update the unkown folder with the new AI scripts.

2)  just update the unitimages folder with the new "corrected" unit images.

3) In the udb folder add the ww2 intermediate unit database.


***Re-uploaded***  new link as of 08/01/2019

I have 1961 lines in Ai scripts - I was bound to mess something up.

Uneasy feeling made me double check all lines for typo's and missed or incorrectly copied overwrites of previous lines.

It's fixed now.


There is an issue with my old AIDLL - which may or may not cause an in game crash.

This will be fixed in time - as I would like to introduce/incorporate  a new standalone AI option for the WW2 Intermediate mod - but I will need more time to get it all together.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the new changes in game. I trust the game experience should be a little bit better.


I ordered my Empire Deluxe tee-shirts... ;-p

Got around to re-compiling the WW2WEnhancedAI.dll with the latest version of EDCE.

Place in your AIDLL:

I will get around to working more with the AI later or if a newer version comes out. I think it would be build 18? 

(1 edit)

Several issues found and resolved and 2 additional AI Scripts introduced.

Update to AI Script: 9-22-2019

unzip and place into unknown folder.