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D.O.A.S. - Department Of Applied Science

A topic by Badkat created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 112
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Hey all,

I am glad to finally anounce the release of D.O.A.S. - Department Of Applied Science. It's an atmospheric and simpel platformer, that is placed in a misty parallel dimension. You have to collect a certain amount of memory cards to open the transition (=passage) to the next level. There are also some creatures you can only dodge. The game itself has short level that are easy to consume. But I don't want to mislead you. Some of the later levels can be a challange.

I also released a demo, so you may check it to see if you like the style of the game and if it runs on your system. I hope you appreciate the service.

So there is nothing more to say than: Have a suspenseful time!

All the best,