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[Solved?] Quads/Images aren't displaying at all

A topic by MarklFar created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 104 Replies: 1
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We just bought SMTbut quads aren't working at all and we bought this specifically to display images in tooltips and text. We're using the last version on the asset store. Any pointers of how we could fix this?


From your other post, it seems that you're using Unity 5.4. I'm taking a wild guess and guessing that you're using STM with Unity UI. Unity UI didn't support multiple materials until Unity 2017.1, so quads are disabled in earlier versions. Sorry about that, but there just seemed to be no way around that in earlier versions, and it would always cause a crash.

I'm going to have to suggest either upgrading to 2017.1 or avoiding Unity UI. If you really wanted, you could set something up with custom events to place UI elements to imitate Quads, but that should just be a last resort.