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DistractionAWTH – New Distracted Driving Simulator w OVR support

A topic by Estudio NooN created Mar 26, 2016 Views: 291
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Hello All !!

We are very happy to announce our first game on

We are a small Indie studio in Buffalo, NY, and we just got done working on our driving simulator with a special twist, it's called DistractionAWTH!

DistractionAWTH is a driving simulator that tracks whether or not you are paying attention to the road while constantly trying to distract you. Of course every time you do get distracted something bad happens down the road, and you lose points for every accident.

Set in a fun environment, our game is a lighthearted take on a serious matter, which is to promote safe undistracted driving.

This game was built originally for the Oculus VR, which if coupled with a gaming wheel would give you a fully immersive simulation experience. The game was later made to be played with or without the OVR device and with any peripheral combination (Keyboard , Mouse, Controller, or Gaming Wheel).

Check out this short trailer it explains it all...

Please visit our page for more info, download and give the page a go, comment or drop us a line let us know what you thought of the game, your feedback is very important to us.

You can get the game for FREE today on, but consider paying a nominal price for it if you like the game, to help support our development efforts. Please like our page on FB, follow us on twitter, and share our links, as that would be even bigger and better support to our studio.

We hope you have a fun experience playing our game, and remember,

Drive safe, avoid distractions, because around every corner, there could be Accidents Waiting To Happen