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The great horror!

A topic by Teapups created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 260 Replies: 2
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I've recently downloaded a new horror visual novel Silenced The House and it blew my mind when I had first finished it. The atmosphere is just right, you dive into the main character mind and look at the surroundings from herself. There're loads of creepy moments (spoiler:)  the crow in the beginning scared me to death). Of course the plot and the story are fast paced so you don't understand what's going to be next. The visuals are definitely worth seeing just because of the atmosphere.  Sepia style rules! Also lots of characters with their own stories that show you their characteristics and the plot is the thing we wanna see in all great horror movies. You must read it! I really recommend it to people who enjoys reading especially horror stories and to people who just want to buy and play a HIGH QUALITY and really CHEAP game

Here you can buy it and support developers

Love the art style. Will try it.

Have to agree with you there, the art style looks terrific, glad this game was highlighted!