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[Paid] Cheap pixel artist for hire

A topic by nirwanda created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 866 Replies: 12
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Hello, I have been dabbling in pixel art for a while and I feel it is time to put that practice to good use. So, welcome to my pixel shop!

Since I'm still learning the ropes, my prices are very affordable. And while I haven't tried every style out there I'm willing to take on the challenges you throw at me.

Now the part you won't like so much, let's talk prices:
Icons: $0.5-$1 depending on size

Small sized Character sheet: 12 frames -$6 + 1$ for additional frame

Large characters sheet: 12 frames  $10+2$ for additional frame

Portraits: $10+$2 per additional expression

Busts: $15+$2 per additional expression/+$5 for additional pose

Full character: $30/+$8 for additional pose

Complex animated characters:$30

Tiles/anything else: $10/hour



Don't be afraid to ask! I'm itching to work on your project! 

Finished my first commision: a bunch of icons. Thought I'd share some of them. You can get such icons here! :D

Finished another commision: portraits and sprites. Here's a sample. Hope you like them! And I wish my commisioner best of luck on her project.

looking for character artist what do you charger per character 

I'm extremely sorry for the late reply, I thought itch.io would notify me of replies to the thread so I didn't check it for new posts. I doubt you are still interested but if you are my rates are all there and they depend on what you need.

4$For a small sized character sprite sheet, 7$ for a large one, 3$ for portrait, 6$ for busts, 8$ for full body.

Well haven't been very active lately, only worked on two projects, and on one of them I can't reveal the results, here are some of the other one...

(Yes they are the same ones form the previous faces)


hey man how can I get in touch?

You can send me an email at nirwanda001@gmail.com.

I hope we can work together!



I'd like to get in touch with you.

Thansk for teh interest Gary, You can send me an email at nirwanda001@gmail.com.


Hi, my team and I are developing a browser-based 2D game and we still need big-headed animals and mobs with very simple character sheets (only looking front with basic animations). I saw your style and it would fit perfectly. We also pay promptly and appreciate long-term co-operations where possible so you could easily make a few hundred bucks or more and get your name as an artist out there because we will make sure to give proper credit. We also pay bonuses for extra work (for example caused by getting together and working out a style in the beginning)

Here is an example of one of our avatars (commissioned from the talented novclow) for style reference (you'll notice it is similar in style to what you did in your examples):

You would not have to make them this big though but about half that size would be good. And you can freely show what you make on your art websites, just would have to make sure to point out they are copyrighted.

Please get in contact with me if you are interested and you should find us very good to work with :)

Thanks for the interest Skye, we can start talking about it through email. You can contact me at nirwanda001@gmail.com

Your project looks very interesting!

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It has been a while, hasn't it? Luckily I have had a few commissions to keep me entertained. I thank all the people who have given me work. Here is a sample of the ones I didn't completely butcher:

Also I made my first recolors, I apologize to the artist Makio Kuta for the poor job I did. Her work deserves so much better:

Anyway, thanks for taking a peek, and I hope I can work for you soon!