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[Paid] Cheap pixel artist for hire

A topic by nirwanda created 78 days ago Views: 451 Replies: 5
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Hello, I have been dabbling in pixel art for a while and I feel it is time to put that practice to good use. So, welcome to my pixel shop!

Since I'm still learning the ropes, my prices are very affordable. And while I haven't tried every style out there I'm willing to take on the challenges you throw at me.

Now the part you won't like so much, let's talk prices:
Icons: $0.5-$1 depending on size

Small sized Character sheet: 12 frames -$4 + 0.5$ for additional frame

Large characters sheet: 12 frames  $7+1$ for additional frame

Portraits: $3+$0.5 per expression
Busts: $6+$0.5 per expression/+$2 for additional pose

Full character: $8/+$3 for additional pose

Complex animated characters:$25

Tiles/anything else: $5/hour



Don't be afraid to ask! I'm itching to work on your project! 

Finished my first commision: a bunch of icons. Thought I'd share some of them. You can get such icons here! :D

Finished another commision: portraits and sprites. Here's a sample. Hope you like them! And I wish my commisioner best of luck on her project.

looking for character artist what do you charger per character 

I'm extremely sorry for the late reply, I thought itch.io would notify me of replies to the thread so I didn't check it for new posts. I doubt you are still interested but if you are my rates are all there and they depend on what you need.

4$For a small sized character sprite sheet, 7$ for a large one, 3$ for portrait, 6$ for busts, 8$ for full body.

Well haven't been very active lately, only worked on two projects, and on one of them I can't reveal the results, here are some of the other one...

(Yes they are the same ones form the previous faces)