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Good Job Piston-Bot

Build and test physics-based machines to traverse an obstacle course! · By 2DArray

Best Times

A topic by 2DArray created Jan 29, 2022 Views: 243 Replies: 3
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here's the fastest time i've gotten so far!  my bot is pretty simple, but i don't wanna spoil the best-known-strategy quite yet.

can anybody finish the course in under 1 minute?

Now I am really looking forward to that. I manage to build some have decentl working bots (basicallly star shaped) but they just cant get up the stairs. If they even manage to make it that far :-)

I got it in 10.69 seconds. Essentially made a humongous spring and ran it a bunch of times until it accidentally shot into the goal. This game was a bunch of fun to play with once I got the hang of it, so thanks for making and sharing it!