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A simple minimalist text editor. · By Rekka & Devine

Bug with

A topic by Aitor Cereceto Benavente created Feb 01, 2018 Views: 206 Replies: 6
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Hello, when I load an .md file it show this message, which is the path to the file:


Woah, that's bad.

Could you press ctrl+dot  so you can see the console, and then drag a file over and tell me if you're getting an error?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Oh wait! I understand, it's the backslashes! 

Windows doesn't use forward slashes like everyone else!?

I had no clue. 

Fixing this right away.


I've just pushed an update, could you give this a try?

Well by now, in this machine (W7) it now works fine! :D 

I'll try when I arrive home (W10).

Thank you for your support! Nice apps you develop! 

I suggest to apply this update for all your tools (in case). 

Have a nice day!


I will! Thank you :)


Other thing... I saw the marks works different as yours.

When I do "##" it shows "# something" but didn't see all your bookmarks signs, thank you!