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Arcade Game Studio

Arcade Game Studio is a FREEWARE program for making games with the style and gameplay of the 80's arcade games. · By firecat

Possible to launch on mame or on real arcade cabinet ?

A topic by Cyonarte created Jan 28, 2022 Views: 321 Replies: 2
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- It would be very interesting to play your on game on a real arcade machine or on rapberry 

This is possible to have this possibility ? Convert args file ?

Because I think the squared screen format is very sad and not very cool to share on the actual screens


- it's possible to have 16/9 screen for the game ?

- or place a jpg picture on the sides of the game ??

Thank you 


i didnt made this, someone else did and their website is gone (the PDF file is the copy of the website). I don't know how to  cracked the program to modify it. Args files are custom made to only run on   Arcade Game Studio unless someone with more technical knowledge finds a way to program args files just like someone once did with gameboy files or Xbox versions.

16:9 is new that wasn't part of the retro experience so the original developer never added it.  There is no way to add pictures on the sides but you can put the game in window mode and add a picture in the background or something.


Thank you  Firecat.