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[For Hire][Producer] Looking to help awesome indies.

A topic by Polygon Stag created Jan 31, 2018 Views: 135
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Hi Everyone

I’m starting out as a freelance producer after years working in the industry and I’m looking to help indie developers with their next or current projects. This can be anything from checking over plans and GDDs to full on project management. I’m looking at being completely flexible on how I can apply my skills as I’m aware that not everyone can afford, or sometimes even need, a full time producer.

About Me

I’ve got six years experience as a games producer on titles for web, mobile and PC.  I’ve ran teams both internal and external, managed budgets, created plans and shipped 7 games on a wide array of platforms. While working on these titles I’ve also helped with licensing and worked on a rhythm game that featured music from Sabaton, Hammerfall and Cradle of Filth.

Also, I’m a former indie developer myself and pretty passionate about innovation seen in this side of the games industry.

Services I’m Offering

  • Project Planning and Budgeting - I can help you get your project going or back on track. Making sure that you have a clear road map that contains key milestones for you and your team to achieve that fits your budget.
  • Team Management - If your team is internal or external I can help you make sure everyone is on the same page. Using online project tracking and planning, I’ll work with you and your developers to strengthen communication and manage tasks.   
  • Testing - Every game during its development needs testing but it’s not just as simple making sure the game works. Details need to be scrutinised to make sure it’s fun, functional and can be released on your chosen platform. I can help out by creating testing plans no matter what stage your at to make sure your game is ship shape.  
  • Document Reviewing - No matter if its a plan or GDD I can review your documents to help identify risks, oversights or potential improvements.
  • Feedback and Consultancy - Have some questions or need help with anything relating to game development? Then I can help too. I’ll sit down with you virtually or face-to-face and help resolve issues, give advice and work out problems with you.
  • And Much More - If you need anything else related to production or help with any of  the development day-to-day that’s not listed, I can try to help with that too. Let me know what you need and I’ll see how what I can do.

Fees and Time

As I mentioned above, I want to be flexible in the amount of work I can do but I also want to be flexible on how much I charge too. To help with that I offer free one hour of consultation to help identify requirements, how much time you’ll need from me and get to know your project.

Please feel free to PM or leave a comment below!

To get more info about me please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile here: