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In the Trees - Story Version is now live

A topic by Caspian Depression Games created Jan 25, 2022 Views: 46
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In the Trees was a Twine-based interactive fiction game with horror, adventure, and folklore themes created in 2017. As the experience of playing the original version could verge on punishing, this new "Story Version" offers the full story progression of the original with greatly simplified and streamlined puzzles, and somewhat guided exploration. And while this version does not require any note-taking, math, or memorization of phrases, it does still allow for a degree of exploration, meaning simply clicking the first answer on each screen will not always move the story forward.

Both versions are completely free and can be played directly via mouse in any browser, or on mobile.

I've also taken this opportunity to open both this version and the original to comments; if you enjoy the game or have a question about its content or development, please let me know.

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