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the game isnt working

A topic by cutesy7437 created Jan 14, 2022 Views: 126 Replies: 1
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the game isn't working for me the middle of the page is somehow in the corner so i can't see the game itself on the top left corner of it 


Hello, thanks for the report! I'm happy to troubleshoot with you,  I'll need some more info:

  • Are you using the PC or Mac version?
  • What dimensions are your screen?
  • Are you playing the most recent version?
  • If you have any screenshots that would be awesome too

If you're on Mac particularly there's a known bug with window scaling at the moment on some monitor sizes. It will be fixed in the next update but I would love to know your screen size so I can test and make sure it works before the update :D

Thanks and have a good one!