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Seeking an Programmer to help finish the game

A topic by LelandLL created Mar 21, 2016 Views: 270
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My name is Leland Lewis, i have started an team known as "Neon Burst Games" to make an game called Slicer

  • An Game similar to Fruit Ninja but with Different Mechanics
  • 4 of us started out to make the game
  • i have novice-level experience with Designing and programming, not enough to do the coding myself but is familiar with the basic working

Currently, the Game is almost complete however we need to get the Powerups, UI, Hazards up running and we need an programmer to help out with the finish touches.

What we look in a programmer

  • Experience with Unity, Unreal and other Game engines
  • Proficient with UI, Gameplay, Graphics, Input or Scripting Programming.
  • Having an portfolio helps, To show that you did some work in the past
  • Must have 3 years+ of experience or more is recommended
  • Dedication to get work done

We are looking to get this game finished and out the door for people to start playing it.

My Contributions toward the Project: I've done work with the Game GDD's and did some work with the UI for the pause Menu. Coordinating the team to make sure the work get done.

We use: Skype, Github, Freedcamp, Google Drive, Unity3D

If you are interested or would like to get more information about the project

You can contact me on

  • Skype- lelandcen- Recommended
  • Message me here