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King David RPG

Play as a young king David. Can you defeat Goliath? · By Ecation

Very Cute, But a bit Challenging

A topic by koohallin created 7 days ago Views: 33 Replies: 4
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This game is very cute! I love the simplistic sprite style, the music, and the mechanics. I've been having trouble figuring out how to progress though, even just through trial and error and trying different things. I'm not sure how to harvest wheat to make bread, or how to break rocks, and I'm not sure how to get the tools I need to do these things. The hints aren't helping much either, as they're just telling me I need to do these things, but not giving me any ideas on where I should look to get the ability to do these things...


Thank you so much for the feedback! I will immediately start to work on making these things more clear! For the sickle (that allows you to harvest wheat), you should talk to your uncle who lives in a house close to your home :)

I was able to figure it out with a bit more exploration, thank you! I hadn't talked to my uncle enough, I saw he was hungry and I didn't realize I had to get the scythe from him haha, so I was running around trying to figure out how to get more bread. It wasn't until I got the cupcake and went to try to give it to him that I got the scythe and realized my mistake haha. But this game is really adorable! I really enjoy King David as a figure, so I was really excited to find such a charming little game based around his early years! It's got a really nostalgic feel to it, like an early Zelda game, and it's fun just dashing around with the cane and exploring!


Thank you so much for the kind words! This means a lot to me and you are the first person ever to really play this game. Positive feedback like this gives me even more motivation to fine tune this!

I hadn't realized this was posted so recently when I found it, so I'm excited to have been one of the first players! Hopefully more people will find it ^^