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[PIXEL ART] Post-Apocalyptic Noir Thriller/2D Cyberpunk Pixel Artists Wanted

A topic by CHVLK created Jan 24, 2018 Views: 161
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Hello everyone, my name is Bobby Ryan and my team and I are looking for a Pixel Artist interesting in helping us develop our videogame. I am a Published Author, Voice Actor, Sound Designer, and writer for the project. We have a team of voice talent, a great programmer, an experienced game marketer, and a sound engineer all on board for the project. What we’re looking for specifically is someone that believes in the project enough that is willing to devote a lot of time and effort for rev share.

C.H.V.L.K. (Character, Honor, Violence, Love/Loss, Karma) is the name of the game as a whole. Each individual level will have their own name, representing the events taking place during said story.

Old Animation:

Game Overview

Game Concept: The game will be single player with drop in co-op with a maximum of 4 players. The main character of the current episode has to be selected first before the other three characters become unlocked. There are four characters per chapter, each holding some significance to the story being told at hand. (Meaning, a character that is not canon/present during the events taking place won’t be playable at the time.)

Genre: Cyberpunk, Retro, Vintage, Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Noir, Vampire, Werewolf, Shooter, Stealth

Target Audience: Late Teen-Young Adult Males (Age Range: 16-30)

Game Flow Summary: Every level is selectable via the menu, wherein the player can choose how he or she wishes to tackle a mission. A player can either use stealth, unarmed combat, weapons, firearms, or a combination of the aforementioned methods.

Look and Feel: The game will have a retro-futuristic aesthetic with big bulky equipment that resonates with the current reemergence of the vintage 80s style. 

GAME FORMAT:   Cyberpunk Neo-Noir Crime Drama

LOGLINE:                What happens when society breaks down? In Chicago, California, the Weeping City has no heroes. Its youth? No future. Its citizens? No hope. The Bone Breakers are a part of the problem. Gangs and ragtag bunches of misfits rule the streets. Crooked cops and immoral immortals rule everything else. But when one of these colorless beasts unearths a forbidden technology that gives them the power to kill again, things take a homicidal turn for the worst.

TREATMENT:        C.H.V.L.K., pronounced “chalk,” is a Cyberpunk Noir Thriller set in an alternate history after a cataclysmic event swallows the sun whole. Now, bitter enemies must band together and save what’s left of humanity from a dystopian nightmare … if they don’t kill each other first. Creep with the God-King’s militant animals on a perilous journey as they face unspeakable psychological horrors and shadow demons with a whole mess of juvenile violence. This concrete jungle is about to explode. These short stories are character studies that, when weaved together, creates a larger narrative following the moral degradation of society and the important role women play in the world.

Timeline:                    After stumbling upon mysterious technologies from another world, the Nazi’s used their newfound transdimensional weapons of mass destruction to win the war, to which the world is hurled into a retro future mixed somewhere between the 80s… the 90s…and transhumanism. C.H.V.L.K. takes place during an alternate history wherein the axis powers lost the battle against the allied forces. Then World War III happens. And after that, a one world government is created to protect the nations from further destruction and prevent a nuclear holocaust. The series is a collection of short stories that tell their own neo-noir tale in grindhouse fashion, but when these stories are weaved together, they create a larger narrative that indirectly builds the C.H.V.L.K. universe. The series unravels over the course of three eras.

·         Year 1980s-1990s: Pre-Dollar Collapse

·         Year 2021-2049: Post-Dollar Collapse

·         Year 2077+: Nuclear Winter

Genre(s)?       Crime, Drama, Horror, Pyshological Thriller, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Vampire, Werewolf, Supernatural, Paranormal, Noir

Setting?          The story takes place mostly in the fictional city of Chicago, California over the course of three different eras. The inner most city, known as the Chicago Loop, is heavily policed by a militarized group of mercenaries known as the C.C.P.D. (The Chalk Corps. Police Department). The dollar bill has collapsed and was replaced by [Censor], a digital currency that can only be accessed by a [Censor], a small microchip in the back of the hand. Only people with money can afford to have [Censor]. These people live in the Suburbs.

Machines, greed, and megacorporations rule the world. Suburban citizens live most of their lives under the rule of oppressive government, as wage slaves. The Elite are a class of Immoral Immortal citizens of a surplus of [Censor]. They live inside the Dome, which is the richest location in the Suburbs. It is completely walled off from the rest of the world by a sphere-like bio-dome.

Around the Suburbs exists the Wall, a massive circular barricade made from transdimensonal living metal that separates the Suburbs from the Slums. This an extremely dangerous place, riddled with dying trees, dilapidated buildings, and highwaymen. Here, lives the scourge, dregs, and scoundrels of the city. Crime is at an all-time high, and Bone Heads kidnap unsuspecting men, women, and children to chop off their hands and steal their [Censor]. Out here, the roads are the safest place to be and cars, bikes, and hover vehicles are valued more than human life.  

Structure?                  Each level begins with a philosophical excerpt, narrated by the Honorable One (A main character of the series). This pearl of wisdom will resonate with the current episode; foreshadowing events that take place later on. Said phrase will be quoted back to the audience as a [censor] by the narrating protagonist. By the end of each episode we will learn who the narrator is actually talking to in the form of a therapy session.

What is this series about?     This series is a dystopian work of fiction that explores the morale degradation of society and the intricate role women play in our lives.

What is the source of conflict?         The source of conflict stems from a small sect of people closing themselves off from the Nazi occupied city of Chicago, California with the help of a powerful monk-like savant and his students. The drama will continue with intricately detailed character development, opposing ideals, and personal tragedy.

Visual style?

The show will use visual aesthetics’ reminiscent of the 80s-90s. This includes, but not limited to, screen distortions and brief bits of static snow for scene transitions. Synthwave will be our main musical focus.

Audience appeal?

We believe that our concrete story, dramatic shootouts, and action packed fight scenes will capture our audience’s attention and maintain for the duration of each episode. The intense high-octane, and sometimes surreal, violence will also be treated as more immediate story between characters.   

What is the intended Audience/Demographic?

Test showings of our audio-drama indicate that our target audience will be young Adult to Late Teen. (Mostly) Male and female. Age group: 18-25

What the audience will see every level?

Several years before the start of the series, a meteor leveled most of California. The survivors migrated elsewhere, most of which settling Chicago. Unbeknownst to the public, a strange virus poisoned the waters, infecting the people with what has been dubbed as “the Big Germ”. This mysterious virus has made it impossible for women to be born and has made men incredible violent and more inclined to madness.

Every episode will have a theme that plays an intricate roll as the story unfolds. Certain events that affect multiple characters will be revisit from different perspectives that will shed new light on previous incidents as the citizens of Chicago, California battle their own unique case of insanity. We will follow these twisted individuals on their journey of loss, tragedy with novel-like narration.

If you are interested in learning more please feel free to email me at or