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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

why is there unreachable stuff?

A topic by fionn132 created Jan 22, 2018 Views: 320 Replies: 6
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theres a platform and under stone and a peice of dna but.. is unreachable


there is a way to reach the dna! it requires some exploration

but nothing can go down platform....right?


not yet, but beetles can smash through blocks which let you into the lower areas!

theirs no smash-able block just a platform and DNA under neath it  


ah ok sorry there may be the odd place that in inaccessible because of how my level generation works.

I’m adding the ability for worms to dig through platforms, so there will be a way to collect the DNA soon!

ok thx and sorry