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Guide to making shields

A topic by Basool created Jan 22, 2018 Views: 7,946 Replies: 5
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Making a shield will take some time, even if you are a proffesional blacksmith,the tools you are gonna need are:

3 ingots(any type) a hammer(duh) a blacksmith(duh) and a log(not firewood) and be in sandbox mode,its not availabe in shop mode.

now youre gonna need to take the log to the cutting station/table,itll bring up a menu of shields, choose your shield then look down at the thingy under the table and press left click, it should cut it , now bring it to the table of attaching.  heat up the 3 ingots, put one  on the anvil , hold z, select the shield section and hammer it, now it should turn into a circle thing, attach it to the center of the shield, reapet the procces from "put one on the anvil" 2 more times, but in the 2nd attempt turn it into a hand handle, 3rd turn it into the elbow handle. and attach them.

hope this helped you with your blacksmith carrer, from the blacksmith,Basool

sorry for the spelling mistakes...



Seriously though. What?

To make a Shield - which can be done in Standard gameplay, and customers can even ask to buy it (albeit, There's still an issue with them properly clearing out of the shop after waiting and accepting both items (since they will also ask for a weapon and there's a part in their script that has them "wait" after receiving the item - that likely interferes with them properly leaving after they get both)


You take a Full Wood Log  (not Firewood)

place it onto the wood working station - turn it into the shield type you desire (or a crate)

you can set that aside or place it in the shop

you need FIVE ingots, heated, or any one type (From what I've heard, I haven't tried combining different metal types because of that)

You need TWO of these ingots heated and on the anvil, to make the specific Shield Rim/frame - Which can either be cooled and set aside, or you can go ahead and set it in the shop too, attaching it if you want (on workbench)

You then need THREE Ingots heated for the other three parts, however they need to be done SEPARATELY - Once for Boss, Once for Wrist Enarmes(grip?) and lastly, once for hand enarmes (other grip?) - Which then must all be cooled, and attached.

If done properly, You should be notified in the corner like with any weapon  - that you've successfully created said shield.

And like with any item in which the "created" notification appeared for, You can sell it, of course, Shield is hardest to pawn/sell off, since its still rarely asked for.

Im having a problem putting handles on sheilds, im not playing in sandbox, i can only put the decorations on, any fix or help


I don't think you're experiencing a bug of some sort... let me explain. The shield is made of four DIFFERENT parts in total. The wood part, the perimetral part, the disc part, the handle (type 1) and the second handle (type 2). In order to create a shield you have to put toghether this exact components and just one for each. You're handle problem, I think, comes from the fact that you're trying to put toghether theese pieces in the wrong order or that you're trying to attach two of the same handle... try to hit the heated handle (the one that appears after the disc) another time and you'll get the second handle (type 2). In that case that one will surely attach to your shield. Don't you worry.

You need planks to make shields now.