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A lot of you have asked for this, it has finally come: My Game Collection got import support for!

A topic by Tuy created Mar 18, 2016 Views: 444
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A lot of you have asked for this, and it is finally here: My Game Collection just got updated with support for! We are pretty excited about this, because you can now import the games from your collection and know what you own and want at all times.

Some of you might know My Game Collection already and some might not. For those that don't:

My Game Collection is the most popular, most advanced, Material Design styled game (related) collection tracker on Android and is fully compatible with Bluestacks which means it can be used on Windows & Mac. It allows you to track the games, hardware, amiibo & skylanders you own & want. It does this blazingly fast, and provides a ton of options, filters (20+), views & sorting options.

It also pulls in a lot of extra data from various sources, and even allows you to import your game collection from various sources like, Steam, Playstation 3/4/Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, VGCollect, Android, Backloggery, Collectorz, PSDLE, Desura, How Long To Beat, RF Generation, Generic CSV, Generic TXT .

MGC also got you covered if you have your game collection already in a text or CSV file. It will match your games to the online database, and gives you access to tons of information about your games like developer, publisher, genres, metacritic score, how long to beat, and much much more.

MGC allows you to search Google, YouTube, Google Image Search, Wikipedia, GameFAQS & Twitch with the simple click of a button.

Best of all: It is FREE to download and use for as long as you want. A paid option is available for those who want to support the development of MGC. Try it out: You can find even more information @

As usual: If you have any issues, remarks, ideas please contact us via or email