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Death is Random - D.I.R.

Randomizer post-apocalypse zombie RPG. · By Galope

Played The Game

A topic by Allekid created Jan 04, 2022 Views: 98 Replies: 1
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This game is quite fun! I love the randomness of it and exploring the area. The battle is quite simple and I don't know if there are other ways of attacking other than waiting but it suits the world of the game. I have to admit that I did not read what I could do in this game before playing it so I was clueless on how to use the energy and healing items and practically did a run without them. It was still enjoyable tho and would like to play it again when I have free time to explore new random areas! Love it :D


Hey, Allekid!

Thank you greatly for your feedback! We are really happy that you enjoyed the game. Your video was great as well as it was possible to analyze the gameplay from another person's perspective. This is really valuable for a game developer!

Thanks to your video we noticed that it's not intuitive how to access the Menu the first time, where you could see the Status and Hotkeys. You tried Esc a few times. This made us discuss a better and intuitive way to show the Menu for the player, and it will be added to the next update.

For now, when you play, the standard button to access the menu is ENTER. To use Food and regain stamina, press and hold Z. To use Med Kit to recover HP, press and hold X.

If you need any support, please let us know!