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Pixel Tutorial - Skeleton Heads

A topic by imonk created Dec 26, 2021 Views: 547
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Since I love drawing undead creatures I want to explain my process of drawing them, however I can't do that in a single tutorial. Today I will only be covering skeleton faces. You can draw a skeleton face like this: 

This isn't wrong but they don't always have to look like that. They can actually drawn with many different facial expressions, glowy effects, horns, helmets, etc. We can start with the facial expression. When drawing your skeleton, you need to decide what facial expression suits it best. Is it mad? Happy? Silly? Crazy? Spooky? Evil? Grumpy? The list goes on... Here are some expressions I drew to give you ideas. 

Once you have decided the facial expression, draw it then shade it. When shading skulls, I usually make the brows, cheekbones, and forehead highlighted to give the skull some noticeable form. 

Now these are some great skulls but skeletons are usually conjured up by magic so it's nice to have some glowy effects. We can have their eyes glow, their mouth glow, their entire head glow with an aura, etc. There's many ways to do this. To share some ideas. I drew a few out. 

Also skeletons don't always just have a boring bald head. They can have horns or headwear such as medieval helmets, Viking helmets, or spooky wraith hoodies like these:

I you're struggling with your skeletons, I hope this tutorial gives you enough ideas to start designing your own. I will be talking more about skeletons in future tutorials.

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