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PixelCNC: Fast and Easy CAM for Images!

Generate a variety of 3-axis CNC router/mill toolpaths from images and 3D models! · By Deftware Industries

PixelCNC Early-Access Alpha Release

A topic by Deftware Industries created Jan 16, 2018 Views: 220 Replies: 2
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Developer (2 edits)

Hey everybody, both the paid version and free trial run on nearly-identical code so any bugs in the free trial are likely in the paid version. These initial releases will be the buggiest of all PixelCNC releases (hopefully) and serve to gauge public interest in PixelCNC as a whole. As a result the alpha versions are not packaged with an installer, nor are signed with a certificate, etc.. These packaging features will come with future versions -provided the public takes interest in PixelCNC's development and its progress, which may take some time to grow at first.

Paid customers of the initial alpha releases will need to manually update their copy of PixelCNC when newer versions are released. I'm not 100% sure how I plan to go about doing this - email? message? Something? In the future there will be an auto-updater built into PixelCNC that will allow users to automatically receive patches and updates.

At any rate, thanks for checking out PixelCNC and please, give feedback, criticisms, questions, comments concerns, etc.. Thanks!


Very cool, are there any plans for a mac version?  Would be the first to grab one if so!


Currently there's no concrete plans for any other OSes to be supported, but the code is written in a way that lends itself well to portability (utilizing SDL for platform abstraction, OpenGL for rendering, etc). The simple reason is that I currently do not have the resources to make it happen.