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A puzzle game for your mouse or finger! Swipe tiles to form crosses and beat the clock! · By Max Krieger

A few ideas/comments

A topic by Notester82 created Jan 14, 2018 Views: 431
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I've crossed the niqs for a bit and there were a couple things I wanted to inform you (the developer, I mean) aboutttttt.

For placing links, maybe it'd be a good idea to make it so that you're able to press a button on the keyboard to add a link to the tile under your cursor then use another button to be able to clear all the links, just so the player's not distracted with clicking outside the screen and whatnot (though the current way of placing links could stay anyway, mouse-only controls feel very intuitive).

And heh, while on the subject of advanced stuffs, I noticed that when Moniton asks the player to do a speed bonus cross in the advanced tutorial, she kinda interrupts the flow every time the player doesn't go fast enough. ("So close! But not close enough." "You have the right idea, but try to move a bit quicker this time." (etc.)) I think it'd be better if (she only does that once and after that,) a small message from Moniton appears on the bottom of the screen reminding the player that they should go faster instead. I dunno, I'm only saying this because after Moniton stops talking, there's a delay before I can start moving pieces again, though this change would still be coolio~

Lastly, while playing Crossniq, I realized that sometimes the "Hurry up!" text doesn't appear and the "3 2 1" countdown text along with their warning beeps don't play either. I dunno if it's a problem on my end or yours but it's been pretty consistent for me.

Meep, that's all. I'm excited to see where this game'll go next~ OUO