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*Auto Run Bug*

A topic by JX created Jan 12, 2018 Views: 144 Replies: 3
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So I was ingame (0.0.82) was having a good time then I accidentally pressed caps lock key which turns on auto run, which would not be a problem but auto run literally just seems to make you pretty much slide around, the game is now bugged to where every time I somehow get auto run to turn off (usually by jumping against something) it enables itself again any time I jump/get glitched and fly in the air a bit and I start sliding around like a baby penguin on ice which makes it basically impossible to maneuver around at all. Toggling caps lock on and off does not disable auto run or turn it off at all. I hope I explained it well enough, other then this bug and the character level up sheet being janky it is a super fun game and I really hope you fix these so i can keep playing! Thank you. 

I'm having the bug too. I can't find a fix for it, and I have a love hate relationship for it. I can zoom around the map with it, but I slide on tiny rocks whic gets annoying. Usually I can stop the sliding by pressing crouch [C].


Hey Guys, you can download a fix for this bug here

Thank you!