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Omega Extinction- now on! (Steam Keys)

A topic by Twin Vault Games created Jan 12, 2018 Views: 83
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Hi Everybody! We've recently released Omega Extinction and have now put it up on as well!

About Omega Extinction's Development

Omega Extinction was developed by just two people, one programmer and one modeller with some assets from unity's asset store or some friends helping out. Omega Extinction was very much a passion project, and we didn't want to screw it up, so we poured a year's worth of work into it, pulling 80 hour weeks, late nights and more and finally this small two-person team created something we are proud of!

The Story

In our reality, "Omega Centauri" was a dwarf galaxy, consumed by the milky way, however a creature from another reality, with the power to bridge between dimensions known only as The Experiment has come to wreak destruction upon the galaxy. In his reality, the Milky Way was the dwarf galaxy and it was consumed by Omega Centauri. He seeks to exterminate all life on the Milky Way, and the humans aboard Station 13 must prevent him from carrying out his crusade

What is Omega Extinction?

In Omega Extinction you can play on two teams, The Experiment or The Humans. The Experiment is incredibly powerful, and can use his abilities to trick and deceive the humans. The humans use technology and strength in numbers to attempt to defeat The Experiment before they are picked off one-by-one. Omega Extinction is an asymmetrical multiplayer FPS, where one player plays as The Experiment and up to 4 other players play as The Humans.

Quick Info

Players: 3-5 (online) 

Target Platform: Windows (Steam)

Size: 2.6GB

Buy it now here:


Since we are a multiplayer-only game, if you can't find a game right away, try checking out our discord channels! That way you might be able to find someone else who's keen for a game!


The Hangar
One of the levels in Omega Extinction "The Hangar"
Engine Room
Another level, "The Engine Room"
The Experiment- A monstrous splicing of an alien creature from another world with a human host
The Human
One of "The Human" characters available to play