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FES Retro Game Framework

A topic by dafu created 6 days ago Views: 50 Replies: 3
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Hello all,

I'd like to introduce you all to FES Retro Game Framework:


FES takes inspiration from the simplicity of fantasy consoles to create a low friction beautiful API for developing retro games from the 8bit and 16bit era. FES is built on top of Unity and takes advantage of it's second-to-none cross platform compatibility and ease of deployment, but it is a very different Unity asset. FES is a code-only C# framework utilizing a classic game-loop approach. It does not make use of the Unity Editor, and indeed you only need a 5min Unity crash course on where to find the Play button to use FES.

Some features of FES:

  • Pixel perfect rendering
  • RGB and Indexed color mode, with palette swapping support
  • Primitive shape rendering, lines, rectangles, ellipses, pixels
  • Multi-layered tilemaps with TMX file support
  • Rendering to and from offscreen surfaces with custom sizes
  • Text rendering, with text alignment, overflow settings, and custom pixel font support
  • Clipping
  • Sound and Music APIs
  • Simplified Input handling
  • Optional wide and tall pixel support
  • Post processing and transition effects, such as scanlines, screen wipes, screen shake, fade, pixelate and more
  • Supports an amazing variety of platforms, courtesy of Unity

If you're interested in developing Retro games then FES may be for you. If you think fantasy consoles are great but wish they were more commercially viable and portable then FES is definitely for you!

Never used Unity, don't want climb that Unity learning curve? No worries, you only need the very bare minimum Unity knowledge to create a FES project, and I've got you covered with this guide: http://www.pixeltrollgames.com/fes/docs/unity.html

But that's just words, have a look at the link above for a live WebGL demo, and a number of stand-alone builds for various platforms!


This looks really cool.  I haven't really used unity but if I do in the future I'd definitely want to check this out.

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thanks! It's really not like using Unity at all, it's just piggy backing on Unity but the work flow is code only and completely different. It's a very simple no-nonsense api akin to what you can see in Fantasy Consoles.

Just added a basic Unity guide for those who have never used Unity before. You only need bare minimum knowledge of Unity to create a FES project. The guide is at: http://www.pixeltrollgames.com/fes/docs/unity.html