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Updated to 2.0.3 - Poor Mans FPS

A topic by djgaven588 created Jan 10, 2018 Views: 70
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Ahh, what a beautiful thing. Updates. But before I continue, I should probably fill you in. Poor Mans FPS is a class based multiplayer shooter. With as of writing this, has 5 classes or "hero's", 3 maps, and 2 game modes. Lets look into those real quick.


  • Time Master - Although she has low health, she can bring any lost health back. Her current ability, rewind, allows her to reset her position and health to what it was a few moments ago.
  • E.D.E - Also known as Explosive Demolition Expert, loves blowing things up. They currently have no abilities.
  • Tank (Ideas for name?) - This crusader wields a mighty hammer. His ability is a shield, he can hold a shield in front of him to protect his allies.
  • Sniper (Ideas?) - Far ranged combat, got to love it! They like to stay at range doing high damage. No abilities yet.
  • Medic (Again, ideas?) - Tending to stay closer to the battle, she will care for the wounded and bring them back into the fight. Currently has no abilities.


  • Classic - The first map the game had, it is a valley with a platform in the center.
  • Fort Deadly - The second map created for the game, this map has 2 main vantage points, with a barrier between them. This map is less open on ground level in comparison.
  • Plains - This map is probably the best looking map out of all of them, and as the name entails, it is a scene that would be based in the wide open plains, with a few trees here and there.

Game modes:

  • Team Death Match - Each team spawns on a specific side of the map. The goal is to kill the enemy players.
  • Free For All - Each player spawns in a random spot on the map. The goal is to kill all other players.

So, what are you waiting for? It is free! Go grab some friends and enjoy strategically planning attacks on your friends, or enemies, we don't judge. Download the game here.