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Captain Disaster in: The Dark Side of the Moon

A freeware point and click adventure game featuring the hapless Captain. · By CaptainD

A little info about this game

A topic by CaptainD created Jan 10, 2018 Views: 195
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Developer (1 edit)

I made this game along with my co-dev for this particular project, AGS forum member Hernald,  as both a proof of concept to myself (I had never designed a complete game solo before) and as a bit of marketing hype for the commercial game in progress, Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (now released and available on Itch).

The marketing side of things bombed a bit since it took much longer to develop Stomping Boots than I originally realised (in hindsight, I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING but fortunately enough I was stubborn enough to keep going until I did, and of course received a lot of help along the way from different ones, particularly my co-dev TheBitPriest).  It's more a case of Stomping Boots' release generating interest in Dark Side!

So anyway, this game stands up pretty well I think as a freebie pointandclick, it's fully voiced (I voice every character) and there's quite a bit to do in it, with lots of puzzles, inventory items, and even achievements.   As with the other Captain Disaster game there are references aplenty to different sci-fi TV shows, movies and books, and classic adventure games.  The main plot was inspired by the 20th Anniversary Edition of Dr Who called "The Five Doctors".

It was a really fun game to make (took the two of us about three months of sustained effort) and contains some my best writing (IMHO - much of which can be missed if you don't go back and talk to Floyd after looking at things - game design lesson learned!).  It also inspired an ebook, which is a fun read if you like comedy sci-fi (based on the game but with some extra characters / features).   Available for Amazon Kindle.

So if you wanted to know any of that, now you do!