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StarLightRiders - Android BulletHell

A topic by LunarCitySeven created Jan 08, 2018 Views: 120
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Itch Page

Hi Everyone! 

I've recently finished my first Android game *YAY*  and id like to create a Devlog on here showing my workflow, planning phase, code, art, and most importantly! how  to keep focused with a seemingly endless list of problems to fix or work around.  

I'm hoping from the Log that anyone wishing to make a shoot em up *or any game infact* will be able to learn something from this :)

I will start posting up to the Devlog in the next few days of my very first builds and how i planned my project, unless anyone would like to see something first i can post that stuff up :) 

Thanks for checking this out and keep coming back for updates..