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Primitive (Team Based Survival)

A topic by Aspire Games created Jan 08, 2018 Views: 93
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Hi Everyone! 

 I thought I might as well post my new game Primitive on here as well to spread the word a bit! If you want to check it out, please CLICK HERE which will re-direct you to the games page where all of the information is displayed! 

What Is Primitive?

Primitive is a team based low poly FPS Survival game. You spawn on a random island, in the world there are 5 major islands, 4 of which are carrying teams of 25 players each.  Each island also holds resources like live game to hunt, small buildings which carry food, etc. These resources are very limited and you won't survive long once they run out. Your objective is conquer the other teams flag spawned at a random location on the island. Each team can build around their flag to secure it better. You can play as a team or go solo but team work usually does win the game. With plans of solo survival if the game is popular enough and there is demand for it.