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Cube Rogue - a new unique puzzle game hardcore

A topic by craftmob created Jan 08, 2018 Views: 131
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Hi there,

We are CraftMob studio, a game studio come from Vietnam. Recently we've released new game name Cube Rogue on


 We want to build fun games with a good message of humanity, love, tolerance and forgiveness. We look forward your review and comment about this game to improve it better in next versions.

1. Video trailer

2. Short description
Cube Rogue is about what we love in senses of exploration, adventure, and turn-based puzzles. It has 31 levels and its style is 3D voxel. Inside its mysterious worlds, are forgotten tombs, dangerous traps and secret chamber - where users want to seek for the right trigger among others.

- Swipe to lead the Cube through vast, mysterious worlds.
- Avoid Red Traps and other dangerous threats.
- Solve architectural puzzles by your visualization.
- Collect coins and rescue other characters!
* Using "Hint Feature" could help you a lot when stuck, when "SaveMe" can save a lot of time replaying a level.. Keep in mind that you can use both of them to make your exploration more enjoyable!

3. Some screenshot levels