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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog


A topic by Wolffang55 created Jan 07, 2018 Views: 356 Replies: 3
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When is the steam version coming out its 1/7/18 (when i posted this)

Developer (1 edit)

Forager will release on Steam & the Humble Store around Fall this year. it will cost between $9.99 and $14.99 (haven't decided yet).

I'm buying the game as soon as it comes out. :) I would just ask that it be reasonably priced. Will you add the ability for LAN multiplayer in the future?

When will a new test build be released? I've seen a beta release every 30 days or so... It's been 2 months since the last beta release.