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The game is almost done. This devlog is more like a recap of when we started this project. It's about who we are, why we want to do it.  I’ve been putting off doing this for way too long..  Some might say that my procrastination may come from the ghost of perfectionism. I thought that maybe  I would have the perfect article to share with everyone if I wait a little longer.. Then thousands of fans would flood in once it was published…. Alright, maybe my daydreaming is a bit excessive. Time to come back to reality.

My reality may be a bit different than others. For the past few months, the entire team has been working extremely hard creating an all new world which sometimes makes me forget which reality I’m in. Let me give you a little teaser. This world will be filled with all new species where only people who possess certain traits like courage, intelligence, and teamwork can survive successfully. We frequently discuss the issue “How would survivors behave with one another after the collapse of the world we know today?” Me personally, would like to be like chief officer Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead. He helps the weak, cooperates with others building key relations, and shows bravery when fighting against his enemies. My partner said “A hero becomes known during the time of chaos or when all hope is lost. That is when I can rise and can rule the world, like the famous Mother of Dragons from Game of thrones”. I admire his great ambition. We enjoyed traveling through the past and future, the fiction or medieval, simply enjoying the discussion about the dark and bright side of humanity.

That’s the teaser. In terms of game production, the unlimited extensibility makes our new world all the more interesting. After the downfall, all survivors have the opportunity to choose their identity. It’s like death and rebirth.

As the first devlog, I want to take a bit of time to talk first about the dev team, the guys behind this story. We are not a big company, nor a small individual developer. We are at, what we believe the most comfortable size group of around 30 people. We called ourselves Kings Group. We have people coming from all over; United Kingdom, United States, France, and China. We like to joke about each other’s culture… but always in a nice way. I’d like to introduce you some of them.

Yuning is the game producer and also the studio leader. He has a lot of experience in game development. About a year ago, he discovered that there are a lot more people than he expected who are fascinated in apocalyptic world. “I like this topic because in reality, there are so many masks and modification in our daily life. This kind of games or movies are the good way to reveal who we truly are.”  Yuning once said. He is also a big fan of ancient creatures so he combines the two loved topics in our new game. Soon, this world attracts all of us.

Matt is the storyworld designer from the UK. Believes in the power of story to engender change and will say as much to anyone unfortunate enough to be sat near him. “3D printing with words” is one of his many ridiculous expressions. He’s never seen a live dinosaur but if anyone can convince you that you have, it’s probably him. Now he’s hard at work writing convincing and immersive story.

Yinan is in charge of balance and anything that is related to numbers. He got a “special” hobby that when he watches a video or a TV program with subtitles, he  likes to break down the subtitles into 3 or 4 characters and see if they are an integer…(what the…) The gap between his estimation and the real number is the measurement of his happiness. He wishes to make a community game where players can experience another life casually. Just like saying hi to your neighbors every morning.

Gao Jian is in charge of everything related to operations. He loves putting figurines or toys on his desk and play them while he is contemplate something. After he’s done with his idea, he usually goes to everyone’s desk to check the progress of all tasks. Nothing is more important than launching new content to keep players fresh and happy to him. His happiness is measured by the ratings of app stores.

I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to check their photos. So I will just post one concept art about our game.