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Lost In The Woodlands

A topic by MichalDev created Jan 03, 2018 Views: 84
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Lost In The Woodlands is survival mobile game about being alone in a dark mysterious forest. Only bonfire which you have kindled illuminates the darkness. Every moving creature which you can barely see is ready to kill you in an instant.  For your misfortune there are endless waves of enemies emerging from the darkness.

This is not my first project, but one of very first I want to deliver to players all around the world on android devices. Lost In The Woodlands is a huge challenge for me ( I especially like challenges that can teach something. I'm basically programmer, unity user and designer but I never considered myself as a graphics, UI artist. I've decided to create distinctive art style using newly taught Photoshop techniques. I don't have graphics tablet so I am painting everything by mouse. I've been doing a bit of vector art in illustrator lately. This is a different approach. My biggest goal is combine everything into a coherent whole.

It's currently on really early stage of development so I can't show you more :) 

Thanks all for your support and have a great day !