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SubTerra [Prototype] (Cave exploration platformer)

A topic by paxador created Jan 02, 2018 Views: 188
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Hey everyone

Happy new year!

I'd like to start the year off by sharing a prototype about cave exploration that could do with some honest feedback :)

Note: Audio and Visuals are just placeholders for now, and the "collect gems" gameplay is just to make testing a little bit more entertaining.

Currently, I'm evaluating the following:

 * Character Movement & Navigation + Physics

The main focus of the prototype is to button down the character movement - I'm trying to aim for snappy but somewhat forgiving player controls; because the game will be targeted more towards exploration than "control/twitch skills". 

Does the physics (movement, grappling, swimming) feel good enough without emulating reality?
Does any of the navigation controls feel wrong or need improvement?
Any glaring glitches?

I've also added a health/stamina system to facilitate some RPG elements later on (skill levels, better equipment, etc.). This may be fine as-is, but may require some balancing to get the initial levels right.

 * Exploration & Darkness Mechanics

The game levels will have two facets: (1) upper environments that will have puzzle-like gameplay, (2) Deeper, darker, environments that require careful exploration. 

Does the darkness and flashlight mechanics work? 

Does it give the feeling of being lost and claustrophobic without hampering gameplay?

 * Keyboard/Mouse vs XBox Controllers

Both schemes are supported, so if anyone has the ability to give feedback on controllers that would be awesome.


Playable Build


Quick vid on what to expect:

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