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Chemtrails The Game!

A topic by BloodyPommelStudios created Jan 02, 2018 Views: 148
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Started work on a new project "Chemtrails The Game".

Use your chemtrails to depopulate flat Earth, smash UFOs to power up and avoid your own trail at all costs! 

It's a modified version of my 3d flying snake engine, The video shows the progress at the end of the first day of development.

I'm currently only planning on having one level but make if fun enough to keep players engaged for an hour or so with addictive game play and randomised humorous elements.

I've got basic functionality for the main gameplay loop as proof of concept but the flight physics need some refining. They work well for snake due to it's abstract nature but they feel wrong for flying a plane so that's what I'll be focusing on next.

After that I'll be focusing on re-skinning everything snake related to make it conspiracy.

Once all that's done I'll start adding more humour, extra game mechanics, voice acting, extra models, replacing music/sounds to make the game feel more unique.